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nwpartykids's Journal

NW party kids
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picture was taken @ freaknight 2001,sea by me

Some info you should know:
  • My goal for this community was to provide party kids with a chance to discuss issues relating to music and parties around the NW and beyond.

  • This community was NOT designed to talk about drugs or issues relating to the use of it. If that is your purpose of joining this community, I suggest you look for another community. I will not tolerate this and will delete your post(s).

  • Please do not SPAM the community by promoting a new community.

  • Thank you for your understanding, and happy posting. =P

  • Have any questions, concerns or suggestions? Feel free to email me anytime at trancevisionz@hotmail.com with the subject line NWPARTYKIDS.

    Other useful info:
    If you are new to the area and are looking for Electronic music related events, your best bet would be to check out http://nwtekno.org. They have tons of events listed and chances are you'll find one that will fit your taste and/or schedule.

  • This community was started by: trancevisionz ^_^
    ...and moderated by retrojanny.

    2-step, 21+ clubs, ak1200, alternative, ambient, andy c, aphrodite, auburn, bainbridge island, bass, beaverton, bellevue, bellingham, blaine, boise, booty house, breakbeats, bremerton, club impact, coeur d'alene, corvallis, covington, d&b, dab, dancing, dark trance, deep house, deepsky, delirium, demo, dieselboy, different venues, dig dug, digweed, dj adonis, dj babyanne, dj dan, dj dara, dj federal, dj flave, dj roman, dj xl, djs, donald glaude, doug bradley, downtempo, drum & bass, dub, earthdance, ed rush, epic trance, eugene, eva, f8, fairview, federal way, ferry corsten, free parties, friday nights, friends, global underground, goa, goodbeats, grooveside, hard house, hardcore, having a great time, having fun, hoffa, house, house music, idaho, idaho falls, intelligent jungle, jungle, kent, lil mz booty, live pa's, local promoters, lovetribe, medford, meeting people, mercer island, mixed cds, mixing, monroe, music, naha, new venues, nitsuj, north bend, nrg, nwtekno, olympia, oregon, out of state parties, outdoor events, parties, partying, partykids, paul van dyk, phoenix festival, planet of the drums, port angeles, portland, progressive house, pullman, puyallup, rabbit in the moon, ravers, raves, raving, redmond, renton, rock, ryle, salem, sasha, saturday nights, scott henry, scratching, seatac, seattle, seelie court, shoreline, silverton, siren, skycriesx, speed garage, spinning, spokane, staying sober, tacoma, techno, the board, the locals, the northwest, the spot, tiesto, trance, tribal house, trip hop, turntablism, vancouver bc, vibe, walla walla, washington, wenatchee, woodrow low, zacharia